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ViennaCC is

Born July 30, 1967 in Vienna / Austria
Sounds like / impressed by Beatles,  Mando Diao, Rolling Stones, Herman's Hermits, Hollies, Kaiserchiefs
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Body 6 1/2 feet (on only 2 legs)
Favourite colour yellow like Viennes castle Schoenbrunn
Sex yes (male if You ask the gender)
Created this artistname December 12 2004, 20h04 on first floor in Vienna, Austria
real name Heinz Riemer (Ing)

In short

Musical experience in Viennese folk, dancehall music, rock


Video producer

2007 nominated for a NEW MUSIC AWARD  in Hollywood in the category "Breakthrough Indipendent artist"

2008 nominated for a NEW MUSIC AWARD  in Hollywood in the category "Breakthrough Indipendent artist"

2008 awarded by the InternationalSociety of Photographers in Las Vegas

2009 - 2011 TV-show in Austria - interviewing bands and producing musicvideos (for the band)

actor: 21010 a leadpart in movie "SPAETE STUNDEN" (late hour)

2012 Semi finalist at songwriting competition "Song of the year"

2016 Platinum Award at NYC Indie Film Awards

2017 nominated at MusiCanZone FilmFest

2017 nominated at Around International Film Festival

2017 awarded for Most Creative Video at World Music Independent Film Festival

2017 awarded for Best Editing of a Short Film at Milan IFF 2017 (Film Festival International Milan)


ViennaCC, the Bohemia

ViennaCC is music and video producer, photographer from Vienna and lives the lifestyle of a bohemian. ViennaCC was thinking of the meaning of life and came to the conclusion that only a life for art is fulfilling.

What Boheme Means

Art is most important. ViennaCC produces songs and videos and photographs. Bourgeois thought patterns and bourgeois lifestyle are a too tight corset.
The day starts as soon as you feel ready for, not unusual at 2am. Sleep? When you're tired, in the afternoon or after breakfast. And cooking can happen at 3 am. That's freedom.


The dressing style strange, provocative. Strong colors and obtrusive design. Personal style: almost always black, long trousers. Shirt, not T-Shirt. A tie is a must. Obtrusive color and motif. Despite having 100 ties the choice of the correct tie to an event is a process of long decision.

Status symbols

Status symbols like flashy jewelry or expensive cars are irrelevant. Although ViennaCC has a driving license, he does not own a car. In Vienna publictransport is well organized and a car is not necessary. Financial flexibility of course is advantageous, but a struggling for richness is no goal of life.

Goal in life

Live well and enjoy art. Working only what is interesting. Please no stress!


ViennaCC's musical style is indie / pop / rock / electronic. ViennaCC: "Jazz is crap for students and opera is headache music. I want to make art and music to entertain people. I often sing about love. That's worth living for. But also about people (Lomophotographer) and politics (Days Of Rage). If my music will survive centuries is not important for me because the present happens now, not in centuries.".
Started learning piano in the age of 6 and learnt guitar by playing to records, mostly Rolling Stones records. ViennaCC: "It was easy to play along with the Stones. Maybe that's why I have these Richard riffs in my hands! But I leveled up."
Played various styles with bands, from hardrock and punk to dancehall music. ViennaCC: "That was a great experience. We had about 300 songs in stock and had to play from disco to polka. And Rock Around The Clock or Happy Birthday five time if wanted by the crowd. And that from 8pm to 4am. And you learn to arrange the songs for the instruments in the band. Nice money, but it's a killing job."
ViennaCC has a long job experience in IT. He worked as a programmer, project manager, cost calculator, online content manager.
Now producing music, musicvideos, concert reports and interviews, not only for himself but also for bands.

Music - sounds like the Beatles would sound today

Indie / Pop / Rock. ViennaCC: "I like beat music from 60s and new wave from 70s and 80s. A very strong influence. One day I asked myself: how yould these bands sound today? When I played a recording someone said, it sounds like the Beatles would sound today. So I found a good slogan."
ViennaCC's goal is to write and record simple songs that everybody play on acoustic guitar at the fireside as well as a school band or an orchestra.
ViennaCC: "I don't like songs that only consist of rhythm and effects. The song net, without effects and big arrangement, must be strong. Effects are interesting, but it should be a goodie, an addon, to a song production. For me it is too simple to record a song with guitar band arrangement. A guitar solo can be great played, can sound great, can be virtuoso. But that is not enough. With today's studio techniques I can work on every single note, give it accent, mix it in the background, filter it - and put effects on it. I like it rather overproduced than standard sounding."
And the voice. ViennaCC: "I like chorus singing, two or three voices. Sometimes I like howling. I have this howling in songs like "If You Wanna Dance".
ViennaCC often uses computer effects on guitar solo. ViennaCC: "When Jimi Hendrix came up, what was new in the sound? Well, it was the effects. From feedback to distortion. These effects are well known today. What can be new? With my IT background I came to computer effects. Why not use it on a guitar solo. So I crush the sound, play reverse tact, hack and resample the sound. That is something interesting."

Music Examples

"Say Yes" and "Good As Can Be" are simply feel good pop songs.
"I Love You" is just romantic to say nothing but "I love you"
"Dreamgirl" is a popsong about a female being. On the CD cover there is the dreamgirl (and it's a tiny dog). By the way, she is really a female.
"What Happened Here" is about a crime scene. People standing around, detectives and witnesses.
"If You Wanna Dance" is melodious, but has these mono-stereo-effect on the toms, phaser-effect on percussions and a crushing guitarsolo. A combination of interesting (I hope so) songwriting and modern production techniques. ViennaCC: "I liked the chord progression surprising with a halftone down when entering the refrain"
"The Sun" is a bohemian song about nothing but being happy without stress and hunt for money. The refrain say: What I need is just the sun for lying in the shade"
"Baby Give Me One More Chance" is a story about a trip to Las Vegas. ViennaCC was honoured there by the International Society of Photographers for a photo he made. ViennaCC: "I had no idea how to arrange the song. then I hear a synthie song on the radio and that was it. I played with an echoed synthesizer and found a sound."
A song like "Why" is so melodious but nevertheless a rocksong. The composition is simple, but the arrangement is up-to-date. ViennaCC: "I wanted to record a simple beat song, but with modern studio techniques"
"Lady Smile" has a difficult chord progression. The interesting thing is that every verse is a surprise and a little different from the previous verse. The song has no clear verse - refrain - structure. ViennaCC: "I saw the website of a woman and liked her smile. I said to myself, that's a real Lady Smile. And the words started to flow. And the melody was simply there."

Video production

ViennaCC produces music videos for some of his song. ViennaCC: "Music videos must be interesting to work on and there should be gags in the video. With my IT background I like computer effects, to play around with plugins."
ViennaCC also produces music videos and interviews for other bands, for no costs, to support music. ViennaCC: "But I only do it if I like the music."

Business Experience

With 16 first attempts with a taperecorder (here the very first recording: the own composition "Broadway lights")  
Some bands, insignificant and not remarkable. The musical palette was from rock (here a recording of the own composition "Lucy") to punk. A raw version of "Drinking all night" (on album Beatz) was recorded in a club called Zarathustra.
Later on Liedermacher, something like singer-songwriter in Austria, with ballads (here a demo version "Der alte Plebeschil") and Heurigenlieder, typical Vienna songs for wine-restaurants. Here a short cut from "Heute trink ich mein Vierterl".
From time to time a multitasking universal backgroundmusician as keyboarder, guitarist and singer in some bands focused on happy dancemusic for easy listening on dance evenings, Carnevaldances and Weddings. Songs written by others were played, so for legal reasons here only a Rock&Roll-guitarsolo by the master's hand. Tanzmusikkapelle
Actually producer of ViennaCC-music, musicvideos for ViennaCC and bands, TV-shows

Recent JobsViennaCC träumt einen Bürotraum

Internet company CEO
Newspaper and online editor
Soundrecordingstudio CEO
Cost calculator
Installation bookkeeper




ViennaCC is widowed since his wife was murdered on March 4, 2009.

Über ViennaCC

Geboren 30.Juli 1967 in Wien / Österreich
Klingt wie / beeindruckt von Beatles,  Mando Diao, Rolling Stones, Herman's Hermits, Hollies, Kaiserchiefs
Wer diese Website besuchte, interessierte sich auch für Lachfalten in Elektroorgeln betrunkener Eskimos
Grösse 1m96
Lieblingsfarbe Schönbrunn-gelb
Geschlecht männlich
Pseudonym geschaffen 12.Dezember 2004, 20h04 im ersten Stock in Wien, Österreich
bürgerlicher Name Heinz Riemer (Ing)

In Kürze

Musikalische Erfahrung mit Wienerliedern, Tanzmusik und Rock



2007 nominiert für einen NEW MUSIC AWARD in Hollywood in der Kategorie "Breakthrough Indipendent artist"

2008 nominiert für einen NEW MUSIC AWARD in Hollywood in der Kategorie "Breakthrough Indipendent artist"

2008 Auszeichnung von der International Society of Photographers in Las Vegas

TV-Show in Österreich - Interview mit Bands und Produktion von Musikvideos (für Bands) auf Kanal OKTO

Schauspieler: 2010 eine Hauptrolle im Film SPÄTE STUNDEN

2012 Semifinalist im Songwriter-Wettbewerb "Song of the year"

Der Bohemien

ViennaCC ist Musik- und Videoproduzent, Fotograf aus Wien und lebt den Lebensstil eines Bohemien. ViennaCC stellte sich die Frage nach dem Sinn des Lebens und kam zu dem Schluß, dass nur ein Leben für die Kunst erfüllend ist.

Was Boheme beutet

Wichtig ist die Kunst. ViennaCC produziert Songs und Videos und fotografiert. Bürgerliche Denkschemata und bürgerlicher Lebensstil sind ein zu enges Korsett.
Der Tag beginnt sobald man sich bereit dazu fühlt. Das ist nicht selten um 2h morgens. Schlafen? Dann, wenn man müde ist, auch am Nachmittag oder nach dem Frühstück. Es kann auch vorkommen, dass um 3h morgens gekocht wird. Das ist Freiheit.


Der Kleidungsstil ist auffallend, vielleicht sogar provozierend. Starke Farben und aufdringliches Design. Persönlicher Stil: Fast immer schwarze, lange Hose. Dazu ein Hemd, kein T-Shirt. Ebenfalls ein Muss ist eine Krawatte. Diese sollte ebenfalls in Farbe und Motiv auffallend sein. Troz 100 Krawatten ist jeden Tag eine lange Entscheidungsfindung erforderlich bei der Wahl der richtigen Krawatte gemäß Anlass.


Statussymbole wie protziger Schmuck oder teure Autos haben kaum Bedeutung. ViennaCC hat zwar einen Führerschein, jedoch kein Auto. In Wien ist er öffentliche Verkehr sehr gut ausgebaut und ein Auto nicht erforderlich. Finanzieller Spielraum ist natürlich vorteilhaft, aber ein Streben nach Reichtum nicht das Lebensziel.


Gut leben und Kunst genießen. Arbeiten nur was Spaß macht und interessant ist. Bitte keinen Stress!


Mit 16 erste Versuche mit einem Tonband (hier die allererste Aufnahme: die Eigenkomposition "Broadway lights")  
Verschiedene unbedeutende Bands. Die Palette reicht von Rock (hier eine Hörprobe aus der Eigenkomposition "Lucy") bis Punk. Eine Aufnahme der Urversion von "Drinking all night" (englische Version am Album Beatz, deutsche Version: "Herz aus Stein" am Album Beats) entstand in einem Klub Zarathustra.
Danach Auftritte als Liedermacher mit Balladen (hier kurz eine Demoversion "Der alte Plebeschil") und Heurigenlieder (kurze Hörprobe "Heute trink ich mein Vierterl") für Weintrinker.
Zeitweise multitasking-fähiger Universalbegleitmusikant als Keyboarder, Gitarrist und Sänger mit anderen Bands mit Kommerzmusik auf Tanzveranstaltungen und Hochzeiten. Da wurden fast ausschließlich Fremdkompositionen gespielt, aus rechtlichen Gründen hier nur ein Rock&Roll-Gitarrensolo als Hörprobe. Tanzmusikkapelle
Aktuell Produzent von ViennaCC-Musik, Musikvideos für ViennaCC und Bands, TV-Shows

JoberfahrungViennaCC träumt einen Bürotraum

Internetfirmenleiter (GF)
Zeitungs- und Onlineredakteur