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Vienna Computer Virus

The Vienna Computer Virus was produced by Bulgarian/Russian programmers and was released in the year 1992. Later the sourcecode was released in Russia via Interent.

Vienna in popsongs
Blly Joel & Ringo Starr

Tom DeMarco and Timothy Lister released a book in 1991 which was titled Vienna waits for You. The subject is about human resources and management and against workoholocs. The title goes back on a song called The Stranger by Billy Joel back in the seventies. "When will You realize: Vienna waits for You!?".

What's the significance behind "Vienna"? Billy's Dad lives in Vienna. He wrote the song after going there to visit him once.

Let us forget the song Goodnight Vienna by Ringo Starr (ex-Beatle)...

Suicide in Hass-Haus

On July 9th, 1991 a tourist from Milano/Italy ordered in the restaurant in Haas-Haus a Wiener Schnitzel. He took a view pieces and then he jumped down to the street Stephansplatz. A jump to death.

Strange, isn't it!

Lemurs in Viennna

Are there lemurs in, say, Central Europe? Frank McPherson went backpacking in Europe in 1992 and had the following experience, which tends to answer "yes" to the above question:

I had just spent a week in rural Hungary and was absolutely dying for a real live western candybar when I returned to Vienna, Austria. I left the u-bahn station and headed towards the center of town, stopping in the first grocery store I came to. I im- mediately became enamoured with and bought a package of six or eight Bounty candybars. I'm pretty sure I only got to eat one of them.

The theft happened later that evening. I was walking down a small street, trying to remember where the hostel I had reserved a room in was located. I kept hearing strange THUD sounds surrounded by a laughter I'd never heard before coming from a lighted, open window up ahead. Every once in a while, I could swear it looked like a kitchen light with a small monkey would swing madly out the window, reach the top of its arc, and swing back through the window, accompanied by gales of the strange laughter. When I approached the window to see what was going on, something furry jumped on my head and covered my eyes. After it jumped off, I ran. When I finally calmed down enough to realize I was not in any danger, I reached in my backpack to get a Bounty to further calm my nerves. They were gone.

It makes sense that the Lemurs like Vienna. It's warm in the summer, with a booming tourist trade, and a LOT of junkfood. Do you think they ever attend the Staatsoper? The Wiener Philharmoniker? I bet they like Beethoven....

Cooles Detail zu Wien: Der Computervirus Vienna - Dokumentation, Source(teilw.), Geschichte, Schaden - Lesen Sie hier!
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