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Welcome to Ring Tour!

Duration: approx. 1 day

We start the tour at point S (Start) and finish at point E (End).


We start the tour at subway-stop Stadtpark of line U4 (green line). We go upstairs and now we are at Johannesgasse, behind us the park Stadtpark. In Stadtpark there are a few monuments, the most famous is the monument of Johann Strauss. Now there is the first sight: The Kursalon (1).

We do not go to Ringstrasse, we turn and go along the Lothringerstrasse. We pass the Wiener Eislaufverein, the concert hall Konzerthaus and the theatre Akademietheater. We reach the square Schwarzenbergplatz. A little right of us in the middle of the square there is the monument of Prince Schwarzenberg. Left there is the fountain Hochstrahlbrunnen and behind of it there is the Russian victorymonument (2).

We go along the Lothringerstrasse to square Karlsplatz. Left there is the historical museum of the City of Vienna (historisches Museum der Stadt Wien) and opposite there is the concert hall named Musikverein (3). Behind there is the Kuenstlerhaus (4). Now enjoy the flowers in the park at square Karlsplatz. The park is called Resselpark. In the background behind the pond we see the baroque church Karlskirche (5).

Now we go to the subway-station, which is built in Art Nouveau-style and then we turn and go in direction to the city on Kaertner Strasse until we come to Ringstrasse. The right part of Ringstrasse is called Kaerntnerring, left there is the Opernring. Right we see the stateopera (Staatsoper) (6). We go along the Opernring, we pass the monuments of Johann Wolfgang Goethe (right, to the city) and Friedrich Schiller (left, opposite). Behind Goethe-monument we see the park called Burggarten. We enter to visit the monument of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (7). The grave of this famous composer unfortunately is unknown.

Now we come to Burgring. Right there are the walls of Hofburg (8). Left there is the arthistorical museum (9). Opposite in the middle of the parj there is the monument of Maria Theresia (10) at square Maria Theresia Platz. Right there is the naturalhistorical museum (11). We then have a short look in direction to the city and see the Burgtor or heroe's monument (12). We walk along the Burgring and come to Dr.Karl Renner Ring. At the beginning of this art of the Ringstrasse there is left the parliament (13), right there is a park called Volksgarten. Behind the parliament on the left we see the green of the townhall-park (Rathaus Park). We go along the Dr.Karl Lueger Ring and see right the theatre Burgtheater (14).

Opposite of Burgtheater there is the square Rathausplatz with the townhall (Rathaus) (15). We continue our walk, pass the coffeehouse Cafe Landtmann on the right and see the university (16)  and opposite there is the monument of Johann Andreas von Liebenberg.

We continue and come to the square Rooseveltplatz. There we see the church Votivkirche (17). Now we come to Schottenring ein. There are many buildings from the socalled Gruenderzeit (19th century). We come to the building stockexchange (Boerse) (18) and then in a lane parallel to Schottenring we see the barracks Rossauer Kaserne (19)

We continue our walk to Franz Josefs Kai and Danube-channel (Donaukanal). From here we can go by subway - lines U2 or U4 (Station Schottenring) and tramway. Down at the Danube channel there are some restaurants with music in the evening.