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Welcome to City Tour!

Duration: approx. 1 day

We start the tour at point S (Start) and finish at point E (End).


The tour starts at square Morzinplatz near square Schwedenplatz. We can go there with subway line U1 or U4.

We go upstairs the Ruprechtsstiege  up to the church Ruprechtskirche (1) and then through Judengasse to square Hoher Markt.Here we see the famous Anker-Uhr (2).

In the middle of square Hoher Markt there is the fountain called Vermaehlungsbrunnen (marriage fountain) and opposite the Judengasse is the entrance to Roman excavations (3). We leave the square (away from Anker-Uhr) and walk to Wipplingerstrasse. The house at Wipplingerstrasse 8 is the old townhall (altes Rathaus) (4).

Now we turn and go along the Tuchlauben in direction Kohlmarkt. At Bognergasse we look to Kohlmarkt (5) and in the background we see the Michaelertor. We don't go there, we will visit this place on our tour. We go to Bognergasse or left of it parallel to Naglergasse (6). Naglergasse is worth to be seen. At the end of Naglergasse we come to the square Am Hof (7). There is the Vienna firedepartment and the church 9 Choere der Engel and in the middle of the square the Holy Mary-column (Mariensaeule). Behind the square Am Hof there is the Heidenschuss and behind of it the square Freyung. At Freying is the church Schottenkirche (8). At the end of Freyung we go left and see the building Palais Daun-Kinsky (9). Now we go along Herrengasse, left there is the Palais Ferstel (10) with a shopping-passage and the coffeehouse Cafe Central.

One of the small lanes is named Landhausgasse and goes to square Minoritenplatz where is located the church Minoritenkirche (11). We continue our walk to square Ballhaus Platz with two remarkable buildings, the Chancellor's residence (Bundeskanzleramt) (12) and President's residence (Praesidentschaftskanzlei) (13). There is the square Heldenplatz, but we go to through the lane Schauflergasse to square Michaelerplatz.

At Michaelerplatz we see the church St.Michael (14). We see Roman excavations with mosaics and old channels and walk through Michaelertor (15) to the old castle (alte Burg) (16). We continue and come to the square Heldenplatz where we see the (neue) Hofburg and in the background the Burgtor or heroe's monument (Heldendenkmal) (17).

We return through the big gate Michaelertor and at square Michaelerplatz we turn right to lane Reitschulgasse. There we see the arcades of the Stallburg (18). When walking along the Augustinerstrasse we pass the square Josefsplatz and come to square Albertinaplatz. On the right we see the church Augustinerkirche and the Albertina (19) and in the middle of the square the monument against war and fascism (Judendenkmal) (20).

From here we see the backside of the stateopera (Staatsoper) (21). We go to street Kaerntner Strasse, left the Hotel Sacher (22) and right the stateopera.

We walk down the Kaerntner Strasse until lane Marco d'Avlano Gasse. We turn left and then right to the square Neuer Markt. There is the fountain Donnerbrunnen (23) and the church Kapuzinerkirche with the tomb Kapuzinergruft. We leave the square Neuer Markt through lane Kupferschmiedgasse and turn left to Kaerntner Strasse.

At the crossing of Kaerntner Strasse, Graben and square Stephansplatz there is the socalled Stock im Eisen. We turn left to Graben. In the middle there is the pestilence column (Pestsaeule) (24). We continue until lane Jungferngasse and and look right to the church Peterskirche (25) at square Petersplatz.

Now we return on Graben, where we see shops and coffeeshops. At the end of Graben (where we came from) at the square Stephansplatz there is left the Haas-House (26).

Now - not to be overseen - we see the St.Stephan's cathedral (Staphansdom) (27). We go round the dome and come to the end of this tour at Erzbischoefliches Palais (28).

From here we can go down the Rotenturm Strasse to square Schwedenplatz and Danube channel or go with subway (Station Stephansplatz) with line U1 or U3. Walking through the lanes in the inner city is interesting too.