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Welcome to Schloss Tour!

Duration: approx. 1 day

We start the tour at point S (Start) and finish at point E (End).


The tour starts at subway-station Schoenbrunn / line U4 (green line). We go upstairs (or take the lift) and then turn right, we already see the eastern part ot castle Schoenbrunn (2). We come to the entrance, we pass the two obelisks. We can visit the castle inside (approx. 3 hours). We can visit a vehicle's museum (Wagenburg) (1) (approx. 2 hours). We can also go at the right side of the castle at the rose-gardens to the park. We go left along the Hietzinger Allee to the bis stairways (left and right). Now we go in direction of the big fountain Neptun-Brunnen (3).

Enjoy the garden with the beautiful flowers. At the top of the hill in front of us we see the Gloriette (4). We pass the fountain Neptun-Brunnen (3), and go up the serpentines to Gloriette (4).

From here there is a beautiful sight down to the city of Vienna. Best time for this view is morning or before noon because we are looking north. Then we go down again to fountain Neptun-Brunnen (3).

Now we are standing at the entrance of Vienna zoo (Schoenbrunner Tiergarten) (5). The zoo is worth seeing because there are some attractions like feeding of animals and a kiddy zoo where kids can stroke animals. Calculate minimum 3 hours for the visit.

We also can go along the Rustenallee to the house of palms (Palmenhaus) (6).

Calculate approx. 2-3 hours for the walk through the tropic plnats.
Now we go to the exit of the park.

Two proposals:

  1. We walk from house of palms (Palmenhaus) to the exit an then we are at the square Am Spitz with the church Maria Hietzing. We go to the square Kennedy-Platz. There we take the subway U4 in direction to the city.
  2. We walk back to the castle Schoenbrunn, through the entrance/exit and along the Schoenbrunner Schlossstrasse to the starting point. There we take the subway U4 in direction to the city.

With subway U4 (green line) we go to station Karlsplatz. We go upstairs. We walk on the square Karlsplatz. Enjoy the beautiful flowers.

We go along the Lothringerstrasse to square Schwarzenbergplatz. We turn right and see the fountain Hochstrahlbrunnen (8) and behind of it the Russian victorymonument.

We go along the Rennweg to the lower castle of Belvedere (9). We walk through the park and up to the upper castle Belvedere (10).

Best time to visit is afternoon when the castle is lighted by the afternoon-sun. From here there is a beautiful sight down to the city. We go behind the upper castle to the exit and we are at the Southern Station (Suedbahnhof), a junction with tramway, busses and regional train (Schnellbahn). This is the end of this tour.