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Wine in the suburbs of Vienna

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The area around Vienna always played a role for wine-planting. There are famous places like Gumpoldskirchen or Soos. Here another example:


In Perchtholdsdorf the wine-planting is mentioned for the first time 1248 authentically. Indeed the farmers might have planted wine at the south of Vienna already thousand years ago. In the 16th century the entire cultivateable area there was planted wine instead of agriculture caused by advantages for leasehold. Then the wine was sold via export to Bavaria, Upper-Austria and Salzburg.

At the end of 16th century the lucrative trade was stopped by virtue of high duties. The siege of Vienna by the Turks in the year 1683 had to consequence, that many men were massacred. The thereupon immigrating farmers had no experience with the wine-planting. Around the year 1700 there was no export anymore, the eastern territories were transformed completely into fields and meadows, the local restaurants and citizen of Perchtholdsdorf were supplied. One or two year old wine was sold.

The next crisis came in the year 1887 to the wine-farmers: many wine-farmers were ruined by wine-louse. Some gardens could be changed to resistant American wine, however many sold their vineyards to very low prices. These plains were resold for construction of houses and rooms. The wine-area was reduced to about 38% of Perchtholdsdorf in the year 1912.

Meanwhile only 15% is still for planting wine. Perchtholdsdorf still has it's old tradition of wine that goes back to the Middle Ages.

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