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Nonsense to coffee

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  • "coffee, black and strong" - Gary Cooper
  • "What does it mean 'I have roasted the meal?' This is COFFEE!
  • 4 foods - groups: Coffee, chocolate, ice, coffee
  • A mathematician is a machine, which changes coffee in theorems
  • A morning without coffee is like something without something else.
  • And again a cup of coffee down the programmer's throat!
  • Coffee and cigarettes: The first two computer-peripherals!
  • Coffee does not cause cancer, water does!!!
  • COFFEE.COM not found: (A)dd more, (R)eheat, (F)reak out
  • COFFEE.EXE not found: (A)bort, (R)etry, (F)all asleep
  • COFFEE.POT not found: (A)bort, (R)etry, (P)anic?
  • COFFEE.POT not found; kill (E)verybody, (S)elected bodies, (Y)ou?
  • Caffeine-free: Use it, to sober up, after drinking of non-alcoholic beer!
  • Caffeine-frees coffee is like kisses of your sister.
  • Caffeine-frees coffee? Say no!
  • Don't speak to me until I have not got my second cup of coffee!
  • Drink your coffee! There are poor people in India, who sleep!
  • Each should believe something: I believe, that I will have more coffee.
  • Everything I know, I learned from coffee.
  • Give me a cup of coffee and ask me again in ten minutes.
  • I can build a cheesecake from lime & coffee in under 5 minutes.
  • I eat coffee just from the can. Why water it?
  • Is there a life before coffee?
  • Life begins after coffee!
  • The life is too short for bad coffee.
  • A man does not only live of coffee (proverb).
  • My God ... It is full of coffee!
  • Never drink coffee, it has already been nearby a fish.
  • One nation with Egalitee, Fraternitee and Morningcoffee!
  • Oxymoron: Caffeine-free coffee
  • Special - a double Espresso with a shot of coffee
  • Rule #5: Everybody must buy coffee for Gina
  • Severe error 102: Insufficient coffee, which hesitated operator.
  • Sleep is a poor substitute for coffee.
  • Syntax - errors in KITCHEN.EXE: COFFEE not found.
  • The four foods - groups: Coffee, ice, beer and pizza.
  • There is too much blood in my caffeine.
  • My brain is on drugs, toast and coffee
  • This is ... excuse my language ... damn good coffee.
  • Extremities office - automation: Networked coffee - machines!
  • Where does the brown of the coffee go, when you drink it?

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