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Beethoven: Curious

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Ludwig van BeethovenLove

Beethoven was involved in amouroese adventures and romances. He wrote a "Brief the unsterbliche Geliebte" (letter to undying love) 1812 in Teplitz , the addressee is unknown. However Beethoven never married.


Charles Grodin plays in the motion picture film "A dog named Beethoven" (1992) a family father, Beethoven is a small dog baby, who grows up soon to an enormous Bernardine. Opponent is Dean Jones. A continuation of this cinema hit was released: A family named Beethoven with Charles Grodin; Beethoven 4 - double better barking! with Judge Reinhold

Viennese or Bonn

Near end of summer there is a Beethoven-festival in Bonn / Germany. Germans noticed: "Beethoven is choice Viennese and is known as a Viennese classical musician. But Vienna does not need a Beethoven...." Birthplace was Bonn, that's - matter of fact - in Germany. But a very long time Beethoven - facts cannot be ignored - lived in Vienna and died in Vienna. By the way in Bonn there is a school named Beethoven Gymnasuim.


As a child Beethoven and friends stole eggs from the householder. Mrs. Fischer called them to account. Beethoven meant, probably it was a smart fox. Whereupon Mrs. Fischer: "I think, you are such a smart fox too! What are you going to be when You are older?"

Joyful and sorrowful

Once, it was around 1800, Beethoven could not pay the housing rent. Karl Amenda, his friend, closed him with a musical topic into a room. Three hours later Beethoven handed him variations. Amenda handed the notes to the landlord, who sold her. The works became famous as "Freudvoll und leidvoll" (joyful and sorrowful).

Take care

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1792 said about Beethoven: Take care of him, the world will talk about him

Mondscheinsonate (moonshinesonata)

The Sonate Nr.20 in cis Moll (op.27/II) was released 1801. For the music writer Ludwig Rellstab reminded the music on a boat travel at the Vierwaldstaettersee (Switzerland) at moonlight. This work became famous as Mondscheinsonate (moonshinesonata).


Beethoven cooled himself after composing with a bucket water. There was water on the floor dripping into flats under Beethoven's. Beethoven again and again had problems with the neighbours - or let's better say, his neighbours had problems with him.

Noisy behaviour

Neighbours complained about Beethoven, because he made music whenever he was inspired. This could not only be in the middle of the night, often for hours. Once he was thrown out of flat because of "noisy behaviour".

Ludwig van Beethoven - KarikaturNoble birth

With Beethoven's arrival in Vienna people meant Beethoven being of noble birth. In the beginning the "van" in his name was changed to "von" (means "of"). Beethoven did not contradict. This changed during a court process in December 1818 as Beethoven admitted not to possess requirements for aristocracy. Beethovens motive to accept people believing him to be of noble birth was more vanity than matrially motivated. Beethoven always had entrance to noble circles through his sponsors, thus he does not need to pretend aristocracy.


Chuck Berry wrote a song called "Roll over Beethoven". It became a hit and many artists, even the Beatles, played it. And Miguel Rios had a hit called "Song of joy", the song hit the charts. It was the popversion of Beethoven's "Ode to Joy".

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