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Stamp with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Deutsche Bundespost (post Germany)Something strange and curios to Mozart


In Germany there was a governmental program initiated called "Modellvorhaben zur Verbesserung der Zusammenarbeit von Arbeitsämtern und Trägern der Sozialhilfe (MoZArT)", a program unemployed to find a job. In October 2003 the State Secretary of Federal Ministry for Economics and Labour, Rezzo Schlauch, reported a success of this program.


What is correct? "Mozart Requiem", "Mozart - Requiem", "Mozart Requiem", "Mozart: Requiem ", "Mozart requiem" or "Mozart, Requiem"? Probably correct is "Mozart-Requiem".


On a box with Mozart-balls was written "Mozart's ball" (Singular) containing 6 pieces (Plural). Found in a US-supermarket...


In 2003 a german boulevard-paper started a survey "100 greatest Germans" and also put Mozart on a list of choices. Austria protested. However Mozart called himself a "Teutscher" (german) composer. Meaning language, cultural area or nation, who knows. He called its opera "The Magic Flute"a "teutsche opera" (german opera), rather regarding the language. At Mozart's time Salzburg was not integrated in Austrian empire, it was a sovereign German country in the Holy Roman Realm of German nation. 1810 Salzburg was integrated into Austrian Empire.


Hans Hoelzel, a 1957 Viennese born singer, better known as Falco had a Nr.1-hit in 1985. The song "Rock me Amadeus" became a hit around the world and even hit the US charts on Nr.1. The same in Austria, Germany, UK and further states. Only in Switzerland the best rank was Nr.2. The Song, composed by R.&F.Bolland and Falco, produced by Bolland for the label GIG. Post mortem a musical called "FMA - Falco meets Amadeus" was performed.


The Austrian singer Wolfgang Ambros published a song titled "Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart" dedicated to the composer on the CD "Eigenheiten" (peculiarities) released September 4, 1990.

Gold coin

2004 a gold coin in the value of 50 euro was released with Joseph Haydn; 2005 Ludwig von Beethoven and 2006 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to 250th anniversary of his birthday.

Composer's session

An opera, Mozart co-worked on it, fell into oblivion, it was performed in Augsburger Theater (Augsburg/Germany) in the season 2004 - the first time since 1914. This opera, "Philosophers' Stone", is a co-work by Franz Xaver Gerl, Johann Baptist Henneberg, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Benedikt Schack and Emanuel Schickaneder. Mozarts co-work was unknown long time. The scientist David Buch from Northern Iowa University (USA) saw an unknown copy of "Philosophers' Stone" in summer 1996. This copy was taken by the Soviet army from Germany to USSR in 1945 and returned to Germany decades later. Over an duet of cats and some parts of the final of second act there is a note saying "by Mozart".

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