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Mozart's sister Nannerl

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Maria Anna (Nannerl), sister of Wolfgang Amadeus MozartMozart's sister Sister Maria Anna Walburga Ignatia Mozart, called Nannerl, was born on July 30, 1751 in Salzburg. Nannerl also was a musical talent, an excellent pianist. Father Leopold took her on journeys through Europe together with brother Wolfgang Amadeus. They played Duetts. In the age of 16 Nannerl was no longer called a wonder-child, but than marriagable woman.

Father Leopold did no longer take her on journeys. She only played for halfpublic audience in Salzburg and did housework after mother's death 1778. Father Leopold ignored not only her compositions, but also her love to the director of the Salzburger Pagerie, Franz d'Ippold. Nannerl had to marry a man selected by father Leopold, a realm baron Johann Baptist Berchtold zu Sonnenburg (born 1736), a widower with 5 children. They married on August 23, 1784. Nannerl left Salzburg in the same year to go to St.Gilgen to her mother's birth house.

Nannerl had 3 children, on July 27, 1785 son Leopold was born in the "Tanzmeisterhaus" (dance master house), Makartplatz 8-9 in Salzburg. She was still intimately connected with her brother Wolfgang Amadeus.

After the death of her husband 1801 she moved to Salzburg again. She was working as piano-teacher and also worked on a complete index Mozart's works. She died on October 29, 1829 in Salzburg. Her grave is at Peter cemetery behind the church Stiftskirche in the Kommunegruft.

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