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Johann Strauss sr.'s grandfather Johann Michael Strauss was a baptized Jew from Hungary. AtNS-time this (Jewish) origin Johann Strauss' let the office for realm kinship (Reichssippenamt ) become active. But they could not easily outlaw this world-well-known Viennese musician. Finally they decided to solve the problem by a falsification of documents.


Waltz-king (Walzerkoenig) Johann Strauss jun. wrote marvelous waltzes and had great success in dance halls. However was known as a non-dancer.

Evening versus morning

At Concordiaball on Jaenner 12, 1864 Jaques Offenbach's of "evening leaves" were played against Johann Strauss jun.'s "morning leaves".

At the beautiful blue Danube (Donauwalzer)

This waltz (op.314) by Johann Strauss II is also known as Donauwalzer (Danube waltz) and is said to be Austrian's second hymn. The first performance took place on February 15, 1867 in Dianasaal (Diana-room) at carneval's party of Vienna Men's Choir only with piano-music. The first lyrics "Wiener seid's froh! oho! wieso?" (Viennese be happy! Oho! Why?) by J.Weyl should compensate for the defeat at the battle of Koenigraetz 1866 where territories were lost to Germany. The text was replaced in 1890 with lyrics by F.v.Gemerth "Donau, so blau, so blau" (Danube, so blue, so blue). The waltz's title was changed into "An der schoenen blauen Donau" (At the beautiful blue Danube). The waltz became famous with Strauss' performace international exhibition in Paris. This waltz often is called "Donauwalzer" or "Bluedanubewaltz".

Sold out

1867 Johann Strauss jun. had such an overwhelming success in England that his publisher Carl Anton Spina was not able to satisfy the market with notes.


The k.k. police headquarters complained some morally incorrect parts of the operetta "The Bat" (Die Fledermaus). After correction the premiere take place on April 4, 1874.


Not all Strauss' works have a German title. On Juni 29, 1872 the "Jubilee Waltz" was performed by Johann Strauss jun. to the 100.Geburtstag of the USA in Colosseum in Boston/USA.

Lex Johann Strauss

On initiative of Adele Strauss, Strauss jun.'s last wife, the copyright for musical works was raised from (at that time) 30 years to 32 years. She had demanded 50 years. 1931 works of Johann Strauss were without copyright (free work use).

Violation of the law

Johann Strauss sr. had played "Macao" in the holy evening and at the evening December 31, 1833 at the Sperl. He also confessed having ignited fireworks at the guestgarden "zum Straeu▀l" on September 18, 1834. He had to pay 900 guldens. Johann Strauss jun. 1848 was indicated at Stadthauptmannschaft because of playing the Marseillaise.

100-Schilling-Schein mit Johann Strauss Sohn
100-Schilling-note from the 60s of 20th century with the portrait of Johann Strauss junior

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