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Practical tips for Vienna-travelers

Tax Free Shopping

Dreaming of a tax free weekend or even a tax free week? Well, too good to be true, but here is one of the best tax-tips for tourists:
As visitor from a non-EuropeanUnion-country like USA, Canada, Russia or Australia,... You are entitled to claim back the VAT You paid. On every invoice there is a tax of 16,67% or 9,09% included (state of 2004). Read here about free tax help, free tax returns - it's Your right!

How to do

In the shop

If You buy in a shop where You see the sign "TAX FREE SHOPPING" ask for a tax free-cheque or show Your Tax Free Card. In many of this "tax free"-shops You can get the Tax Free Card too. the tax-free-cheque is valid for purchase of 75.01 Euro or more. And often they have a brochure with tax refund information. The invoice is fixed on the cheque.

At customs

When You leave the European Union show Your purchased goods, the tax-free-cheque and Your passport. The tax-free-cheque is now stamped. Important: The goods must be exported within 3 months plus the month of the purchase.

Sales Tax Refund (VAT-Refund)

After a deduction of a handling fee You receive 15% (instead of 16,67%) of Your purchase price. You can refund in Austria (airport; Steffl at Kaerntner Strasse 19; C&A at Mariahilfer Strasse 96-98; OeAMTC at Schubertring 1-3; there are more Cash Refund Offices)

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