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One chance for love

A very Beatles-like, harmless song about the one and only theme: love.

One chance for love

Ein sehr Beatles-ähnlicher, harmloser Song.

One chance for love

When she wrote e-mail
You should reply politely
Now what what you're waiting for
Reply tonight
ya, ya
Don't let her pass by
You will be a sorry guy
It's a one chance for love

When she wrote to you
You should not keep her waiting
So write a short reply
ya, ya
Don't give her a miss
A chocolate candy kiss
It's a one chance for love

One for the moment
Two to get through
Three for dimensions
To go through to you

If you say you love her
Call her on the phone
Send a mail or letter
But do what must be done

Music&Text: Henk Freytag

(3:29) 117 bmp - ISRC: ATI241000019