We Can Make It

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We Can Make It

I know, we can make it
If we really try
Nothing is against us
1) And we fly, fly up high
2) And we sail, sail away
3) And we rush, rush away

It feels so good with a captain's hat in the machine
Instructions from the tower and you smell the kerosene
Jetliner's doors close and your girl blows a kiss
You get a feeling you don't want to miss
The first to take off but the last to arrive
One of those awesome moments in life

Hoist the anchor coz the wind lifts the sails
No matter if you feel a bit too close to the bone
Captain never been a teller of tales
Hear the cracking of the whip coming down

The game is called The Loud, The Fast And Furious
Turn ignition key and keep your fingers crossed
Onlookers came across, so curious
Faces turn black from the auto exhaust


Music and lyrics: Henk Freytag
Registered at ASCAP
ISRC: ATI241800014


Album "Torsional Moment"

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