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Yes we do

Mr.Obama had a glamorous inauguration and he spread so much hope when talking about "Change". Even in Europe people have big sympathy for the US-president. Lastely on Austrian TV I saw a black man - obviously born african living in Austria - singing a song to Mr.Obama honouring him.

Where is the change?

For me as European I don't care about Obamas HealthCare program The following unsolved problems have an impact to Europe:

  • Economic crisis, no regulations for finance sector
  • Climate change
  • War in Afghanistan
  • Political tensions in Middle East, Iran (atombomb), Russia (rocketshield)
  • Guantanamo is not closed

When Roosevelt was talking about "new deal" that really was a change. It is easy to say "Ich bin ein Berliner", what John F. Kennedy did in Berlin / Schoeneberg on June 26, 1963. But when Ronald Reagan on June 12, 1987 in Berlin said "Mr.Gorbatchev, tear down that wall" it was political requirement and on November 9,1989 the wall was down. Now where is the change Mr.Obama was talking about? Change is more than a word!

What is needed

What we need is no more "Yes, we can", because I know that we can. We need "Yes, we do"!

This president is a lame duck. He did nothing but spreading hope. But that is not enough to solve the problems in the world. The only thing he did was that health care program, what has no impact to Europe. Financial crisis still shakes economy. Guantanamo is not closed.

And troops still are in Afghanistan. President Obama was honoured by the Norwegian Nobel prize committee for nothing else but giving hope to the world. It is easy to stand up and say 'yes we can'. It maybe enough to get elected, but it is not enough to be reelected."

The text of the verses in thsi song are listings of failures. In the refrain I come up with the solution: "What we need is YES WE DO, no more YES WE CAN". That is the point. We need someone to stand up proclaiming 'Yes, we do'. The time for talking about change is over. The time for change has come. And I include the White House.


Yes we do

Präsident Obama hat so viel Hoffnung verbreitet mit Reden über Wandel (Change). Ich glaube, auch Euroäer haben große Sympathien für diesen Präsidenten. Unlängst sah ich im österreichischen Fernsehen einen offensichtlich in Afrika geborenen, der einen Huldigungssong für Obama gespielt hat.

Wo ist der Change?

Für mich als Europäer sind diese anstehenden Probleme wichtig:

  • Wirtschaftskrise, keine Regulationen für den Finanzsektor
  • Klimawandel
  • Krieg in Afghanistan
  • Politische Spannungen im nahen Osten, Iran (Atomprogramm), Russland (Raketenschild)
  • Guantanamo ist nicht geschlossen

Als der US-Präsident T.Roosevelt über den "New Deal" sprach, das war tatsächlich ein Wandel (Change). Es ist einfach zu sagen "Ich bin ein Berliner" wie John F.Kennedy in Berlin / Schöneberg am 26.Juni 1963. Aber als Ronald Reagan am 12.Juni 1987 in Berlin sagte: "Mr.Gorbatschow, reißen Sie diese Mauer nieder" es war eine politische Forderung und am 9.November 1989 war die Mauer Geschichte - und schrieb Geschichte. Nun, Mr.Obama, wo ist der Change? Change ist mehr als nur ein Wort.

Was wir brauchen

Wir brauchen kein "Yes, we can", denn wir wissen, daß wir können. Wir brauchen ein "Yes, we do"!

Yes we do

Surfing on success from Hawaii to Washington - what sensation
Triumph, You had a glamorous inauguration
But what is done so far?
See where the plan and where You are

What we need is "Yes we do"
No more "Yes we can"
Because I know that we can

You took up forcefully the baton for administration
Now You are conductor in political orchestration (MC of the White house)
Where have You gone so far?
See where You should be and where You are

What we need...

No more "Yes we can", we have enough
What we need is "Yes we do"
Yes we do!
Your fabulous change movement
Has potential for improvement
Make a change!
Make a change!
Make a change!

Venerable Stockholm hasty honoured You - congratulation
Hungry eyes are waiting for Your problem solving qualification
Now the world has heard
Change is more than a word

What we need...

Music&Text: Henk Freytag

(3:25) 122 bmp - ISRC: ATI241000021