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Pictures of Vienna - From the Vienna woods

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River Danube Looking from Danube-island Reichsbruecke to the north

River Danube From higher location

River Danube From lower location

River Danube Looking on Quai to the north

River Danube The last sunbeams behind the mountains

River Danube The night comes (to spread it's wings over Vienna)

Villa Hermes View from balcony to administration building

Villa Hermes Fountain in the middle in front of the villa

Villa Hermes Frontview to villa

Villa Hermes Frontview to fountain-pond

Villa Hermes Frontview with small fountain in the foreground

Villa Hermes Oblique view to the entrance

Villa Hermes Oblique view entrance

Villa Hermes Side view to fountain-pond

Villa Hermes View to sleeping room

Villa Hermes Ceiling paintings

Villa Hermes Kaiser bed

Villa Hermes Fireside with a picture of Kaiserin Elisabeth

Villa Hermes Fireside with mirror and lights

Villa Hermes Lights with mirror to show the ornaments on the ceiling

Villa Hermes Lights and big gobelin on the wall

Villa Hermes Cupboard on the wall

Villa Hermes Stairway with mirror-reflection of statue Aspasia

Hoehenstrasse On a sunny day

Hoehenstrasse Grey and orange

Suburban area View through the entrance-door

Suburban area Street in the suburban area

Suburban area House in suburban area

Suburban area Street in the suburban area

Suburban area Looking from the hill Heuberg down to Vienna

Mountain Kahlenberg Frontview of entrance

Mountain Kahlenberg Oblique view

Mountain Kahlenberg Frontview of entrance and tower

Mountain Kahlenberg Left the river Danube, right Vienna city, near the 19th district.

Mountain Kahlenberg Sunsets behind the mountains.

Zoo Lainzer Tiergarten From the green Nikolaiwiese in direction Huetteldorf (14th Vienna district)

Zoo Lainzer Tiergarten Roes looking to the woods

Zoo Lainzer Tiergarten Deer leaving crib

Zoo Lainzer Tiergarten Roebuck and roes

Zoo Lainzer Tiergarten Riding a coach from entrance Lainzer Tor to villa Hermes

Zoo Lainzer Tiergarten View from grass Nikolaiwiese

Monument Napoleonstone Reminds on Napoleon"s occupation

Panorama-views In direction Danube

Panorama-views Inner city

Panorama-views From sky

Panorama-views From sky

Panorama-views Old and new Danube

Panorama-views Wide panorama-view

Panorama-views Inner city

Panorama-views Vienna west

Vienna woods At a clearing

Vienna woods At a clearing

Vienna woods View over the lake to the restaurant

Vienna woods Looking to tower Jubiläumswarte

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