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If thinking about peace you inevitably think of the opposite: war. The first verse reminds me on the Carnation Revolution on April 25, 1974 in Portugal. Flowers against weapons. I wanted to put brutal warriors in contrast to colourful flowers.

Another facette is the consumerist society. Stressed mamas rush to the supermarket to grasp what they can get. From special price to short-term offer. Only to make a big haul.

In the third verse I describe what I have seen in companies. Workforce does not count. Companies are driven by numbers like shareholder value. Is this the right concept?
Here a double meaning: Business men having laptops under arms may mean carrying computers under their arms or being armed with laptops.

... if only the world could be so easy to handle ...

Check out the acoustic rhythm guitar and the guitar solo. The mood in this song is thoughtful. I am a silent thinker, just watching, thought-provoking.


Look at the men at arms volleying in every closed door
Telling you the great myth of a so-called clean war
Soldier, exchange your steely gun against a vernal flower
When the power of love will overcome the love of power
Then there will be peace

Look at these under pressure people in their worn-out clothes
(To get as many pieces before the supermarkets close)
They wage the hunt for bargain and prove a really good nose
Watch out! There is a price tag on ev'ry piece and ev'ry thing on earth
When the price of something is what it's really worth
Then there will be peace

Look at these silken suited busy men with laptop under arms
Countless simple workers fell victim to their charms
Later dismissed without a notice, calculated away by actuary
When human life is not valued pecuniary
Then there will be peace

Not easy to achieve
But if we want
It can be done


Music and lyrics: Henk Freytag
Registered at ASCAP
ISRC: ATI241600013


Album "Boheme"