When Angels Cry

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I was walking on a cemetery and saw tombstones with angels on it. And these angels were looking sad, some seem to have tears. I started to think, what if angels exist and what if they could help us.

It was interesting to record the gutar solo with these gritty effects. By the way there also are effects on the rhythm guitar.

When Angels Cry

When angels cry
And who knows why
They're sitting huddled there
Sob into their golden hair

When angels cry
Tears rain from the sky
They're sitting huddled there
Sob into their golden hair

So many broken angels and counting
Crashed against the slammed entrance door
Solidified to a marble statue
On a medieval tombstone for evermore

Dramas happen every day
Maybe right now at your neighbours
Stories that will never brought up
Not even in a side note in the papers
Only angels see
Only angels see

When you feel rotten and forgotten be aware
Angels watch us from the unseen
People shrug the shoulder and don't care
But sometimes, sometimes angels intervene


Music and lyrics: Henk Freytag
Registered at ASCAP
ISRC: ATI241600015


Album "Boheme"