Green Light

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Green Light

Standing in the street. Automobiles passing by. There, a woman in a Mini - and away she is.

In this song there are some colours used as contrast. When she is blonde, the car is green and the sky is blue. In traffic lights green light means "go" and in US "blue sky" means for project also "go".
Another double meaning. "With 30 through the side street": does it mean 30 year old girl or 30 mph with car?
Last line saying "with 31" is a doublemeaning. Does it mean 31 mph or 31
There are three rhymes with o in the bridge:
go, ago and hello. In the last line the word "so" is followed by a emotional "mmmmmh", what destroys the rhyme in the last line. This expresses a spontaneous emotion coming out..

Green Light

An der Strasse stehen. Autos fahren vorbei. Eine Frau in einem Mini fllt mir auf - und da war sie auch schon wieder weg.

Green Light

She passed by in her mini
She was blonde, the car was green
A look in my direction
Whatever that would mean

Green light, green light
Usally I welcome
Green light, green light
But for now it means goodbye
- Goodbye to my day-dream

Navigator leaded
On the way to boulevard
With 30 through the side street
My thought was au revoir

Where did she go
Shortly ago
Not a moment enough for "hello"
But it made me so mmmmh

I still stand in the side street
Puffing my cigar
Hoping for a dj vu
With 31 and in green car

Good bye to my daydream
Good bye to my daydream
Good bye to my daydream
Good bye to my ...

Music&Text: Henk Freytag

ISRC: ATI241200008



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