Words of Love

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Words of Love
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Words of Love

One very Beatles-like song. But not a simple copy of 60s-sound. The arrangement is dominated by bass and drums - and vocals of course. In the middle there are two parts with short bass-solos.
There are the lines "Love and understanding, are seldom found together, together, together,...". Why the last two "together" are doubled and sound like many people together? I don't know, it was only an effect I used and I liked it.
This is a rhumba, but an electrified rhumba. The percussion section is synthesized. The percussion seems to speak, a filter effect. And the acoustic guitar has an effect on. The most interesting thing is the organ holding chords in the background. This is a breathtaking organ, that sounds like a wind going through a rosty old hammond. In the middle there is a bass with slaps and quints. I don't want to play bass the simple way, there should be something exciting. And the end of the guitar solo I made a musical joke by pitch-effect: the guitar dives down - and away it is.
The lyrics have 3 lines the same rhythm, the fourth line is different and starts earlier in the tact followed by the last, the fifth line in the verse.
I wanted to make something danceable for dancehall. We played rhumba in a dancehall music band like many other standard dances as well and so I wanted to bring up a new sound to rhumba.
The lyrics are very simple. I wanted to make it as simple as can be, give a clear message. Well, the four letter word is something that fits this criteria.

Words of Love

Ein sehr Beatles-artiger Song. Allerdings keine simple Kopie des 60s-Sounds. Das Arrangement wird dominiert von Schlagzeug und Bass sowie natürlich vom Gesang.
Ich wollte etwas Tanzbares machen. Und dieser Song ist im Rumba-Rhythmus.
Der Text ist sehr einfach. Ich wollte es kurz und knapp, also einfach halten. Nun LOVE ist ein Wort, das dieses Kriterium erfüllt.

Words of Love

Words of love for me
Say it tenderly
Whisper in my ear
Words I want to hear
So soft and sweet

Speak the words of love
I cannot get enough
I dream that you are near
And whisper in my ear
So near to me

When I fix my eyes on your photo
It seems you smile at me
But it's only a static photo
I see what I want to see
How blind a man can be

Simple words, I know, but
Love and understanding,
are seldom found together
Together, together,...

Speak the words of love to me
And say it really tenderly

Words of love
Words of love
Words of love
Words of love

Music&Text: Henk Freytag

ISRC: ATI241200020



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