Without You

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Without You

Somehow a sad song about loneliness and pain. There are days like this. Days noone really needs. But that is life.

Without You

Über Einsamkeit und Schmerz. Es gibt Tage wie diese. Tage, die keiner braucht. Aber so ist das Leben.

Without You

Without you
My day turns into grey
Without you
I feel headache ev'ryday
If somebody can heal the pain
Then send me medicine
Send prior with train or plane
Or even submarine

Without you
My head is on the ground
Without you
Too heavy to rebound
Moon's waiting on demand
To stand by a friend in need
But if someone has a helping hand
To assist in word and deed

Without you
Poetic verses slip away
Without you
There is nothing more to say

Without you
How getting through the day
Without you
That day may laze away
If someone overcome the distance
To free me from the chain
(Track me back again)
Then come to my assistance
To alleviate my pain

Music&Text: Henk Freytag

ISRC: ATI241200019



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