Good As Can Be

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It's All Behind Me
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Good As Can Be

Absolutely positive

Good As Can Be

Absolut positiv

Good As Can Be

I wish this moment lasts forever
I leave behind what's far behind
Come what may come whatsoever
Nothing can blow my mind

Call me stupid, mad and idiotic
But when I hear from far the churches' chime
Cast iron sounds so soft melodic
Oh, how I wish to stop the march of time

Ev'ry moment it should last forever
Ev'rywhere is rainbow, ev'rywhere
Ev'rything is blossom, ev'rything
And ev'ry word is music, ev'ry word

Feeling good as good as can be (Feeling good)
Sunny colours around you and me (Sunny colours)
Maybe I am blind to see
But I feel so good as good as can be

And now
When all things come together
This should last forever
Forever and a day

Music&Text: Henk Freytag

ISRC: ATI241400004



Album "Dreamgirl"