The Beat

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The Beat

Leaning around late night and need something to turn me on. Hot beats, that's what I need.


All 3 verse start with the same rhyme: nightly, brightly, tightly.
Not simply people sleep or let's say, the city sleeps; no, paper-pusher sleep. Well, ViennaCC only during education was a blue-collar worker. Mention also that an advert is not on a factory, but on a office tower. A urban scene with office buildings is described. Using the word "google" for search shows that these lyrics are influenced by the internet words. Even in German dictionary Duden the word "google" for searching something is listed. Looking for tunes, not songs, maybe influenced by Apple's service iTunes where You can shop music, albums and songs.

Look at the outstanding rhyme "downbeat" on "downstreet".
How do you say "I feel downbeat" in a different way? One brilliantly witty way is "To say it with one word: I'm downbeat". Don't mind that these are 3 words, only the adjective counts.

Lines, that did not make it:

Nightly when paper-pushers slee----p
And the nightline bus jolts downstreet
I google up for tunes I really nee----d
To say it with one word: I'm downbeat

Download from the net
And please dont forget
That the programmer spent hours
For this little piece of code
- When you load it
When You use it
You should know it
When You push the start

The Beat

Rumhängen in der Nacht. Da brauch ich etwas, das mich aufbaut. Heisse Beats, das ist es!

The Beat

The message of this song is simple.
It's about something I need, possibly the world needs.
And needs it right now:

It's the beat, beat, beat I need
It's the beat, beat, beat I want
It's the beat, beat, beat I need
The rhythm out of the box

Nightly when paper-pushers sleep
And the nightline bus jolts down
I google up for tunes I really need
I look up
To load down
And it makes me round and round
(round, round and round)

Brightly an advert like a tree
On the office tower near
What a hell of a little MP3
I start up
And break down
And it makes me round and round
Ah, round and round

Tightly my ears hang in between
And the earphones give me vibes
What comes out of this little neat machine
Is direct
And surround
And it makes me round and round

Music&Text: Henk Freytag

Album "Going Out For Summer": ISRC: ATI241200016
Album "Dreamgirl": ISRC: ATI241400024



Album "Dreamgirl"